VT Code Camp 2012- Pristine Pictures

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VT Code Camp 2012- Pristine Pictures

Here are the Photos of the VT Code Camp involving our Fun With Arduino presentation,

Arduino RC Car (Arducar) in a box

Me presenting the ArduCar Controls

An Attendee Checking out the Temperature Sensor Project  

Another attendee looking at the TSP

Flint and I Presenting the Arducar

Me at the podium plus the Snobot Frame 

Me showing off the Arducar operation

Explaining the details of how the TSP and Dallas 1-Wire sensors work
The Snobot became our Rhino Case Caddy

For more pictures taken by The Amazing Josh Sled at the VT Code Camp Sheck out his Gallary!

If you haven’t read it yet check out VT Code Camp 2012 – A Brief Banter
No worries! Soon I will finish Work on VT Code Camp 2012 – A Detailed Discourse

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