VT Code Camp 2012 – A Brief Banter

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VT Code Camp 2012 – A Brief Banter

Well today Flint and I went to the VT Code Camp

other than being filled with windows Nerds (with a capital NERD) it was awesome!

we ended up showing up fashionably late(I’m guessing a normal occurrence with flint at fairs), I learned that he had gone and broken the controller for the snobot.

Thankfully, I was able to determine what was wrong and flint was able to re-solder the wires he broke.

about an hour later he almost cut his finger off.

After a long and arduous hour of listening to flint tell all the things we had done wrong, showing off what we got right, and basically making fools of ourselves, we were surprised with a roaring applause.

Sadly flint didn’t win a Keurig Like he wanted to.

Its really early so Ill write more later and see if I can get some pics fromm out friend Josh Sled.

Be sure to make it to the Champlain Valley Maker Fair this coming Saturday to see Flint and I embarrass ourselves again and in front of a bigger crowd!

Keep an eye out for the next Blog in this 2 part series, VT Code Camp2012- A Detailed Discourse

More Pictures of us at the Code Camp are at VT Code Camp 2012 – Pristine Pictures and,
For more pictures taken by The Amazing Josh Sled at the VT Code Camp Sheck out his Gallary!

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