Ubuntu Fails to keep SecureBoot Secure

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Ubuntu Fails to keep SecureBoot Secure

It was recently brought to my attention the following twitter post.

Which led to me following the link. 
In layman’s terms, We are doing this so people can install our software. We aren’t going to let them know that we are just hacking around an important part of the modern security infrastructure of computers, and we don’t plan on fixing the security hole any time soon. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love Ubuntu, It was my first good OS when entering the Linux world, ( my first OS being Xandros. Don’t get me started on that fail.)  I have happily run Ubuntu and many of it’s derivatives on a multitude of computers, made a living installing, configuring and maintaining Ubuntu servers. But honestly, over the last two years things have gone down hill.  I honestly feel that Canonical needs to stop spreading themselves so thin, or at the very least, hire more people to continue work on the desktop side of things. As things currently stand, I see too much effort being put towards the Ubuntu Touch and Snappy Core projects and not enough love thrown at the desktop. And finally, Please fix this gaping hole in your security.
Any thoughts, Comments, and Criticisms are welcome!

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