Tempered love

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Tempered love

Over my still short life I have had a few bad and good relationships. Some healthy and some not so much. Like everything in life People can get upset or angry. This is a reaction everyone has, one of the keys to a successful relationship is all in how you deal with your anger and that which is directed at you.

Don’t be afraid to talk about what has you upset. – Most people dislike angering people and as such are wiling to work with you on the issues that cause the tension.

Don’t make it personal -When a person gets angry, even if it is about something you may or may not have done, Don’t let it be taken personally. If you do it only feeds the anger.

You dont have to be right –  Weather or not you are right about an argument, DO NOT try and prove it or point it out when the person is upset/angry. NO ONE wants to hear or accept it even if they are wrong.

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