Snomba- Part 1

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Snomba- Part 1

A good friend of mine Paul Flint Suggested that we make A remote controlled snow blower that we call  the snomba or snobot.

So we went over to the re-store and picked up an old electric wheelchair that has two drive wheels, a few linear actuators, and tore the thing down to its frame.

We now are tearing into the control box and tracing the wiring and will use an Arduino to control the movement of the motors and eventually we will have a few other projects that the platform will be used for.

Project ideas that use the base:

  • Bike Pull- Stabilizes and pulls bikes around town and up large hills. 
  • Snomba- automated snow blower -think works like a roomba 
  • The Big sucker- think Over-sized roomba with a shop-vac on top for autonomously vacuuming factories (definitely no ulterior motives there)
  • MapBot- autonomous 3D Mapping robot to go out and map cities.
  • AutoShopper- RC Shopping cart for going to the grocery store. 
Any new project ideas are welcome! 
More to come as progress advances.
Chris Yarger

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