In the end?

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In the end?

Welcome to another rousing session of reading my BS.

Well lets start off with the company that I worked for laid me off.

no big deal right?

Since i was the boss’s Daughters fieance, it sorta sucks,

Then they tried to call me in on A day I had planned for months to work on the snobot.

sadly, they had Amelia call.

they tried paying me the same $.50 above minimum wage to come in and do work I am trained to do and DO do as a freelance contractor.

I told them that unless I got paid what i was worth I am either available on Monday or they can shove it up their ass.

The sad party is that it led to Amelia and I having a falling out.

Since, then i am working on as a freelancer.

If you need any Computer work done just drop me an Email. My Resume is located  Here

Some good news is I have gotten My Klout score up to 40– Check it out here

For now I am off to go drown myself in some linkin Park via

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