How to Set Up a simple linux based webcam security system

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How to Set Up a simple linux based webcam security system

Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from cameras. It is able to detect if a significant part of the picture has changed; in other words, it can detect motion. See more below.

sudo apt-get install motion&&sudo gedit /etc/motion/motion.conf

replace file with

# config file for motion very inamilist
daemon off
quiet on
# You may very well need to change this (check with ‘dmesg’
# after plugging in your webcam).videodevice /dev/video0
# Image size in pixels (valid range is camera dependent).
width 640
height 480
framerate 100
quality 100
#auto_brightness off
# General threshold level and noise threshold
# level (for distinguishing between noise and motion).
#threshold 30000
#noise_level 64
# Initial brightness, contrast, hue (NTSC), and saturation.
# 0 = disabled (valid range 0-255).
brightness 180
contrast 150
saturation 100
# Encode movies in real-time (install ffmpeg before enabling).
#ffmpeg_cap_new off
# Codec to be used by ffmpeg for the video compression.
# Supported formats: mpeg4, msmpeg4.
#ffmpeg_video_codec msmpeg4
# Target base directory for pictures and films (you may need
# to change this (or change its permissions) depending on# which system user runs motion).
#target_dir /home/steve/webcamTest
# Define a port number (e.g. 8000) to enable the mini-http server.
# 0 = disabled.
webcam_port 6668
# Set to ‘off’ to allow anybody (not just localhost) to view the
# webcam via the mini-http server (http://hostname:port).
webcam_localhost off
webcam_quality 100
webcam_maxrate 500
#Steves Options
next_double off
minimum_gap 100
control_port 8082
snapshot_interval 20000
snapshot_filename snapoutput
normal off
 #jpeg_filename motionjpg
 Text_left “ME WEBCAM”
 Text_center “loves to yous”

The program places a jpg image that constatly updates onto your chosen port on the routable ip address

the image may be placed into a website with the following syntax

<img src=””>

the size and quality of the image as well as brightness and refresh rate can be modified with the above configuration file
the Text_left option allows you to place a subtitle at the bottom of the image

it does not seem to work with the Text_center that i attemptedngranted this program has alot more potential than what i am showing it to be able to do

but it works for a start

potential applications 

incluse security cameras the program and its dependacies are rather minimalistic therefore an older computer should have no problem running this program

I believe multiple cams may be streamed to the same site

if so it opens many new possiabilitiesnto be looked into at a later date

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