High Power (100Watt) RGB LED control

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High Power (100Watt) RGB LED control

I have been working with Circus Automatic on the Design, Control and implementation of 100 Watt White and RGB LEDs.

Here are a couple videos showing the working lights.

Slow motion showing off them flicker free at 240 FPS

They are being controlled with an ESP32S Microcontroller, a 36v Power supply, 12v and 5v switching power regulators for the fans and ESP32

PWM Control Board

Overview of the 3 channels of PWM boards

Overview of the 3 Channels and ESP32

Closeup of the Blue channel PWM board

Closeup of the Red channel PWM board and Voltage divider output
used to reduce the 36v to 24v that is the max Red channel can handle safely

ESP32 Code for RGB LED control

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