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Geeky Gizmos– TDFSB

Have you ever seen Jurassic Park?
Do you remember the 3D user interface on the computers?
Well had a bugging sensation to go find it.
Apparently it was a 3D file-system browser called FSN or File System Navigator for the old IRIX mainframes.
It was reborn in FSV or the File System Visualizer for Linux.
The latest implementation is called TDFSB for Three Dimensional File System Browser.
surprisingly seeings how little maintenance is done on these projects TDFSB works perfectly on Ubuntu 12.10 and is even in the Repositories. 
To install just 
sudo apt-get install tdfsb
Below Are Some Screenshots of my FS
My music folder from a flyover view.
Closeup on the music files
Image Files look pretty cool and show you a preview

Text files are these floating pillars with the contents of the file floating upwards within the pillar

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