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Shell qualifiers

Shell Qualifiers are elements you can add to shell scripts to enhance system operation, examples include: Phonem Description Element shebang Establishing command processor #! shebout Identify expos-able help line ## sheborg Identify structural element #* sheblog Toggle Logging in script #> shebangEstablishing command processor #! sheboutIdentify expos-able help line ## sheborgIdentify structural line #* sheblogIdentify …


great things to put in bash Find this or that ls | grep ‘this|that’ List files used today alias ld=’ls -alt | grep $(date +%F)’ Sans Comments alias sc=’egrep -v “^[[:space:]]*(#.*)?$”‘ Dairy Queen what is in a directory alias dq=’du -h –max-depth=1′ Calve Very small memory alternate alias dq=’ls -1 |xargs du -h -s’ Bash …

DirecTV Whole Home DVR Setup – Part 2

Now that you have the DVR set up and ready it is time to set up your Mini Recievers for the rest of your house. Mini Receiver This box hooks up to the other TVs in your house. One per TV. To Set it up plug it into the Power, TV and satellite line. Then Just Like the …

DirtecTV Whole Home DVR- Self Setup. Part 1

First You Start With your DVR Box Plug Plug the included Ethernet cable into this box and then wireless router Under the door that holds the DirectTV Card their is a little red button. Push the red button. Wait.  Once your screen returns to the DirecTV programming you are all set. Thats it for this Part 1