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World Wanderer

Notes on World Wanderer, Use the Microsoft Kinect to grab RGBD data points and use the data to form a game map. Build a database of objects that are found on earth Use object recognition algorithms to determine when an object appears in a location and use multiple references to ensure that an object looks …

Snomba- Part 1

A good friend of mine Paul Flint Suggested that we make A remote controlled snow blower that we call  the snomba or snobot. So we went over to the re-store and picked up an old electric wheelchair that has two drive wheels, a few linear actuators, and tore the thing down to its frame. We now …

Big Move almost complete

Well, tomorrow is the big Friday! Final piece of the puzzle will be put into place or maybe just the biggest heaviest Parts will be moved, Tomorrow, We move our engine and shipping container. (we being myself and co-workers at 3I ) The thing is a huge ipower engine  that stands over 7 feet tall by 4-5 wide …

Just Getting Started

Well today I am finally getting started on this blog. I work at a place called 3I, we build gassifiers.Today we are tearing one apart so we can move to our new larger building. I will continue later.. Warmest regards,Chris