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Barre Open Systems Institute (BOSI), Libraries, Civic Halls, and Hackerspaces

[I know I’m long-winded. Deal with it. 😉 But bookmark / explore the links included.]​Hi,​ I was trying to hoe a middle row last night. One which, not being a resident of Barre, I have little right to hoe, but that’s never stopped me before.  I’m more comfy at the keyboard and hope this will …

How to get the PlayOnLinux Capture Plugin working on Ubuntu 14.04

First add the ffmpeg repository sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-severinsson/ffmpeg sudo apt-get update then install the following programs sudo apt-get install lame vorbis-tools faac ffmpeg ffmpeg2theora libimage-exiftool-perl oggz-tools oggvideotools mkvtoolnix transcode gpac mplayer recordmydesktop You should be good to go

Installing “The Elder Scrolls Online” via wine on ubuntu 13.10 x64

Being a huge fan of the elder scrolls series I want to show everyone who uses Linux how simple it is to install the elder scrolls online via wine… There are two big issues. You may receive a “Certificate Authentication Failed” error when starting the launcher.. To fix this open a terminal and sudo bashcd …

Hackintosh Experiences

For anyone who follows my blog you should know by now that I am mainly a Linux user.  Sticking with mainly with Debian or Debian-based OSes. You may be surprised to find out that I have given using OSX a try. Let me point out one thing that every one trying to build a Hackintosh …


Anyone who has done any work with bash can understand the power that this simple scripting language has. They also know as you keep building just how unmanageable it can get,  Here is a solution Developed by Paul Flint, of the Barre Open Systems Institute. This is the template as it stands Sunday, November 25 …

Reflections on programming progression – Part 1

What follows is a look at experiences and progression in programming both in context and style. When I was a child, I walked as a child, and talked as a child. Looking back at my first program, it seems rather utilitarian, it had a simplicity, yet it was also blind and had no care to …

SnoNo Project started on Indiegogo!

For those who have followed me any you know that I tend to love robotics. one of our projects has gotten far enough that I am starting a campaign on indiegogo to try and raise enough funds so that we can truly get the ball rolling! What is this amazing robotics project you ask? well …

Raspberry Pi – Media Center

After testing rasbmc, open ELEC and a couple other systems I have found that the OpenELEC image to be the most reliable.

Raspberry Pi – Keyboard Computer

The idea is sound but I need a 3d printer to fabricate a new case that can hold both the raspberry pi and keyboard hardware.

Raspberry Pi – Robotics Controller

The Raspberry pi is very power hungry when it is being overclocked. Be careful when using it as a robotics controller. I have noticed some weird issues arising from heavy cpu usage.