BOSI Beginners Series – An Intro

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BOSI Beginners Series – An Intro

Some people may know that I help run the Barre open Systems Institute in Barre Vermont, Some of you may have even been to our Manic Monday Meetings that we lovingly dubbed the “BOSI Adult Swim” Meetings. and anyone having actually been to one of these meetings may have realized how nice i am being by only calling them “Manic” 

What most Do not realize is that BOSI was founded to be an institute of learning. And in the spirit of this I have decided to put my meager writing skills to use. And start writing and recording short tutorials on how to use Linux, Specifically Ubuntu 14.04

A few of the topics I will cover are

  • What is Ubuntu
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Accessing the Internet on Ubuntu
  • Finding your files
  • Installing Programs on Ubuntu the easy way
  • Linux Terminal: What is it? and Why do I give a Fuck?
  • Installing Programs on Ubuntu like a pro
  • Wine: More than a dinnertime drink
  • Installing PlayOnLinux
  • Basic LibreOffice
This is a basic list of topics that will be covered, I fully plan on adding more topics, But Let me know what you think, What do you want to learn about?  
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