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SnoNo Project started on Indiegogo!

For those who have followed me any you know that I tend to love robotics. one of our projects has gotten far enough that I am starting a campaign on indiegogo to try and raise enough funds so that we can truly get the ball rolling! What is this amazing robotics project you ask? well …

Raspberry Pi – Media Center

After testing rasbmc, open ELEC and a couple other systems I have found that the OpenELEC image to be the most reliable.

Raspberry Pi – Keyboard Computer

The idea is sound but I need a 3d printer to fabricate a new case that can hold both the raspberry pi and keyboard hardware.

Raspberry Pi – Robotics Controller

The Raspberry pi is very power hungry when it is being overclocked. Be careful when using it as a robotics controller. I have noticed some weird issues arising from heavy cpu usage.

Product Idea!–MARKs – Modular Autonomous Robotics Kits

The modular Autonomous Robotics Kits (MARKs) are specially designed open hardware systems that give hackers, Scientists, tinkerers, students, and educators a simple, cost friendly platform to build and experiment with robotics.  They come in either a kit or fully-assembled and ready to be built on to.SizesMicroSmallMediumLargeX-large PurposesOutdoorsIndustrialindoorsYard TerrainsLandWaterAirMult-iterrainAll-terrain Roaming robot home station (R-Homes)One of the …

Lemon Pie

Ever wanted to have your own open hardware Linux Cellphone? how about I one up it and make it a smartphone! Based on the design of the raspberry Pi and the proven technology of the Arduino GSM shield comes the Lemon Pie. For more information go to: this is a WIP!

Raspberry Pi – Asterisk

Playing around with the raspberry pi, I went into the Pi Store. Low and behold there is an asterisk install. So after spending near an hour installing it I go and update the system, then log into the web interface. I update all modules and start tesing things out, The network settings wouldn’t autoconfigure, But …

Tempered love

Over my still short life I have had a few bad and good relationships. Some healthy and some not so much. Like everything in life People can get upset or angry. This is a reaction everyone has, one of the keys to a successful relationship is all in how you deal with your anger and …

The snobot is now on Lets Make Robots!

The SnoBot is now on Lets Make Robots! Base system: Invacare Ranger II Storm Series Wheelchair Drive type: Differential wheel drive Power: 2x12v 500AH batteries. Charging system: 24V UPS by APC Motor controller: original MKIV motor controller tied to an arduino mega and custom shield.  Sensors: Ping sensor Other features: 2 mile range Engenius WIFI …

An example of Tree stenography

I came across an interesting form of stenography done by my girlfriend Eva Jane.