Big Move almost complete

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Big Move almost complete

Well, tomorrow is the big Friday! Final piece of the puzzle will be put into place or maybe just the biggest heaviest Parts will be moved,

Tomorrow, We move our engine and shipping container. (we being myself and co-workers at 3I )

The thing is a huge ipower engine  that stands over 7 feet tall by 4-5 wide by about 10 ft long!

We are calling in the Calvary to move this beast!

The time machine has already been moved and as I said the only thing left is the engine and a standard 20 ft long shipping container. Cant wait till morning!

So far it has taken us about a month to move everything else from the old factory to the new one, I love that we had one of the huge U Haul trucks to help us move everything.

The renovations on the new building look great! new energy-star windows the roof is currently being fixed and carpets laid down. I believe that most of the painting has been completed. Soon the contractors will be out and we can start setting up shop. I have to say the task list seems to grow every night!

For now good evening!


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