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What is Arikia?

Simply put Arikia does not yet exist.  Arikia will one day be a Semi-Sentient AI. But for now since this is beyond us I want to make the back-end.

What is ArikiaNet? 

ArikiaNet is a network, a system,  a giver and a taker.

Built out of the Popular Tor and BOINC programs, ArikiaNet  will be used to build the worlds largest supercomputer.

Unlike most Supercomputers ArikiaNet will be available for YOU to use.

When you install the software you are GIVEN a Virtual CPU. This CPU looks just like any other processor and can be used by your operating system if you ever need a bit of extra processing.

Why would you do that?

I will need processing power. people Don’t like giving things away for free, Even if its something they are not using.

Where does this “extra” processing power come from?

This power comes from every person who has the ArikiaNet program installed. 
This  coding for this comes from the BOINC project. Which is used by companies, Universities and individuals to build Distributed Super-computing Networks.
How much power you can borrow at any one time is dependent on how much help  you give to others.  
How much you help is measured in CAPs or Cooperative Assistant Points
CAPs are determined by how many CPU Cycles you provide to the network.
Your CAPs are tracked via a modified DHT and are tied to the computer that ArikiaNet is installed on

What is Tor, Other than large rocks on a hill?

Tor is a Project originally created by the US navy and made available to the public. It provides a way to browse the internet anonymously. 

Why will ArikiaNet have Tor in it?

First I want to protect the people using the network. It will be a method of security.
Second I want to build in a compressed network transport layer. It will give you the ability to goto any website in the world without having GeoIP Blocks effect you. 
This network layer will be encrypted.  the whole way. providing you with the ability for no one to see what you are doing.  

The tor client will also take care of network service discovery and availability. When you connect to the network, the network will know and start letting you use its resources and using yours.

Is their any Signup or cost?

No. You can use the client without needing to do anything. Like the tor client You have the option to be completely anonymous.

The system is FREE. as in beer and will remain that way.

You will have the option to signup to a statistics system similar to BoincStats.  this will allow you to see how many people you have helped and how many have helped you.

Signing up with the stat service gives you the ability to combine the CAPs you earn by all the computers you own that contain ArikiaNet

The Tracking system will be hosted within the ArikiaNet and provided to the outside world by a MAN or Master node for the Arikia Network. The MANs will help to provide network stability.

Arikia-Tor Bridges

If I ever get permission from the Tor Project I will build in the ability for people to connect to the Tor network for Arikia’s Data Mining purposes.

Where can I find out more?

Keep an eye on mmy site and occasionally do a search for arikia on here.

You can also Email me and I will Send you an email when I get the ArikiaNet Mailing list setup.

I have more ideas running through my head and will Post more at a later date. Please dont hesitate to comment or email me if you have any questions, suggestions or Ideas,

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