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Arduino TSP

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Having access to the dallas semiconductor 1 wire sensor and an arduino board i decided to try to get them to work nicely together

here is how it works

Extract the following 2 files into your Arduino/libraries folder

extract the following two files into your Arduino projects directory:

wire the Arduino as such:

Dallas 1-wirs A-standard
flat side facing
1 2 3
Left Middle Right
Ground I/O +5v
pin3 <–4.7k–> +5

Both of the programs above output to the serial connection.

as i am using windows XP i connect through hyper terminal and receive the data

Use the one wire address finder to discover the address of your sensor and to check that it is wired correctly

replace the address int he one wire temperature sensor file with the one found by the address finder

Run the one wire temperature sensor sketch

It should output the data in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Please note that if using the arduino motor sheild Pins 3, 9, 11, 12,13, 0, and 1 are already used, adjust the program to use an open PWM pin such as 6 or 5

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